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Don’t End The Week With Nothing

I’ll close with my usual advice to peers: reading this email was valuable (knock on wood). Watching Jason’s video is valuable. Rolling up your sleeves and actually shipping something is much, much more valuable. If you take no other advice from me ever, ship something. You’ll learn more shipping a failure than you’ll learn from reading about a thousand successes. And you stand an excellent chance of shipping a success — people greatly overestimate how difficult this is.

Just don’t end the week with nothing.

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Dosta je bilo »

Anglosaksonci kažu da kada se čovek nađe u rupi (u problemu) prva stvar koju treba da uradi je da prestane da kopa. Rešenje nikada nije dublje u rupi.

Lots of psychology experiments don’t have a practical take-home message, but these do. You know that exercise routine you’ve been talking about starting up in January? Well, forget about how virtuous it is, or how healthy, or how it might boost your confidence. Instead, think about putting on your sneakers and tying them, one at a time; entering the front door of the gym and walking to the first treadmill you see; stepping aboard and starting to move your legs, right leg first.

The Lure of Tomorrow